2018 Buick Verano Very Attractive And A Little Aggressive


2018 Buick Verano is one of the real representatives of the American automotive industry. One of the favorite brands of American buyers for this year put powerful compact sedan in a new suit, completely redesigned. For now, it remains to see what the results will leave behind and what will be the impression of customers after its occurrence.

New Buick Verano Front View

2018 Buick Verano Interior and Exterior

This is in essence the right business sedan. As before lines are very attractive and a little aggressive. The company General Motors, whose part is Buick is, prepare Delta II platform on which is based this sedan. The front end is dominated by strong chrome grille with logo Buick Verano. Significant changes in the car are in the domain of using lighter materials. This leads to a reduction in the total mass of the vehicle, and with improved aerodynamics and leads to better fuel utilization ratio. The vehicle’s dimensions are larger, and this is particularly prominent in larger wheelbase. Front and rear lights are LED and are prepared and new colors and a new aluminum wheels.

The interior is characterized by a large participation of aluminum and wooden parts. This leads to a more stylish appearance but also all-out luxurious impression. Seats are made of quality natural leather. Many technological advanced features are present at 2018 Verano so we can mention Bluetooth, USB, navigation and other facilities. We should also mention the large touch screen panel as well as parking sensors, camera and so on. This car is in the true sense of the word subordinate to the comfort and safety of passengers.

2018 Buick Verano Engine

One of the engines that will be the heart of the Sedan will maybe be 2.4 L gasoline engine with four cylinders. Its strength is 180 HP and a maximum speed of 2018 Buick Verano in this variant will be around 130 mph. Another engine should be 2.0 L turbo engine with 250 HP. As the third and latest version is mentioned 2.0 L Ecotec engine of 250 HP. What will Buick Verano with this engine will be able to offer it remains to be seen. With these engines will probably install six-speed automatic transmission.

2018 Buick Verano Release Date and Price

This compact sedan will probably see lights of the scene at the Geneva Motor Show this year. The price of the basic model will probably be around $ 30,000.

2018 Buick Verano Image Gallery

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