2018 Ford Bronco Perfect Off The Road SUV With A Menacingly Great Look


Since the demise of Bronco after the 1996 model, there has been no trace of this 2-door SUV until now. Accpridng to several sources  Ford will be introducing the new Bronco model. It is expected to be the perfect off the road SUV with a menacingly great look. No matter what terrain you intend to be traveling on, you can trust the Bronco to take you to your destination without a scratch on you or the car. Since its concept launch in 2004, many have been awaiting its release but Ford has decided to take a turn and make the car a little different from the 2004 concept. But what exactly has the 2018 Ford Bronco got to offer?

New Ford Bronco Front View

2018 Ford Bronco Concept

The 4 by 4 SUV is expected to have an interior equipped with the latest navigation and infotainment equipment. The safety features will include alerts while changing lanes and much more. The design of the upholstery and seats is expected to be quite classy though Ford’s use of wood is not expected to change. The classy seats will provide enough space for five adults while the luggage area will not disappoint. Exterior will wide stance grille and to ensure activity free navigation even in the worst fog covers will be using LED headlights and taillights. The silver car is also expected to have large tail gates together with a chrome bumper.

2018 Ford Bronco Engine

The 2018 Ford Bronco will offer 3 engine options including the 5.0 V8 Coyote engine which will produce a massive 420hp, the 2.0l 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine which delivering 128hp and the 4.9L V6 engine will produce 330hp. The V6 will allow hauling of heavy loads with much more ease than the standard Coyote engine thanks to the 645 lb-ft of torque and better fuel economy. The transmission options available are the 6-speed manual and the 6-speed automatic.

2018 Ford Bronco Price and Release Date

Initial plans at Ford were that the 2018 Ford Bronco would hit the market in 2017 but with the delays in production, this may end up not being the case. It is however expected that in 2018, we will see this SUV hit the market and the roads. But how much will you have to pay for it? The Blue Oval have not yet revealed any details with regard to this but Enthusiasts predict that it will be in the same price range as the outgoing 2017 Ford F-150 SVT. This is about $32,000 for those are not aware.

2018 Ford Bronco Image Gallery

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