2019 Mazda RX7 Specs

Monday, August 14th 2017. | Mazda

2019 Mazda RX7 Specs, Redesign, Changes, Rumors, Concept, Review, Release Date, Price, Updates, Engine, Interior, FeaturesIn the 80s, it was virtually impossible to think of life without Mazda RX7 2019. Before 2002, the Japanese car manufacturer of the Mazda RX7 2019 and began the RX8, whose success was not so great. However, the Mazda RX7 is making a comeback in 2019, and the best part is that it was designed by the son of the same man who had a hand in creating vintage hit. These are just some of the reasons why the Mazda RX7 2019 is expected with very high expectations.

2019 Mazda RX7 Exterior and Interior

There are many changes that will be made in the redesign. Among these, the modification of the chassis material, which is mainly made of aluminum, is to reduce the car’s weight. Further changes are the bumpers from the front and rear as well as the exhaust fumes placed centrally on the new model.

Stylish sharp lines give the vehicle an aggressive attitude and a sportier look. The front is dominated by a grid and there will be a change in the headlights accentuated with LED strips and changes will also be made with the taillights. Even though this sports coupe 165 inches long and two seats, is very spacious and has a sporty feel inside the vehicle with an LCD screen to control the infotainment system and stylish sports seats, which should be entered into the interior as expected It will be inspirational.2019 Mazda RX7 Interior, Features, Specs, Redesign, Changes, Rumors, Concept, Review, Release Date, Price, Updates, Engine

2019 Mazda RX7 Engine Specs

Open the hood will welcome you with more differences as this car will have a motor that most people will not get used to. This is because the car manufacturer has tried to have a lightweight sports car that has low fuel consumption. Some of the garrisons expected to feed the RX7 belongs to the Wankelmotor.

This is a failed design that works by converting the pressure into a rotary motion of the motor. In contrast to the general mechanism in which the piston direction, whereby the movement of all parts moved in this motor in the same direction radically.2019 Mazda RX7 Release Date, Price, Updates, Engine, Interior, Features, Specs, Redesign, Changes, Rumors, Concept, Review

The other option that will be available with the Mazda RX7 is one that has become more common with the latest models from Mazda SkyActive model. This is an innovative design designed to reduce the car’s weight, thereby improving handling and performance. Rotation explosion engine with a naturally 1.2L displacement aspirated can be 250 to 300 hp. However, figures on fuel consumption were not published.

2019 Mazda RX7 Release Date and Price

The company said it tried to reach a price of about $ 30,000, but the release date is quite skeptical. This is because it is expected that the car is ready for sale late 2019 Mazda RX7 is ready, but the company can delay the market launch by 2018.

2019 Mazda RX7 Image Gallery

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