New Audi A4 Will Be Built With Dynamic Performance


It seems hard to believe that New Audi A4 is in under the performance of the driving test. This was the first information we received after doing some research from many unofficial websites. Based on the reports, the car was tested with large V6 diesel and 3.0 liters to produce the amount of about 172 horse output for the first 15 kilometers. This engine is powered with the drive and quattro car with octaw function sails. Also Audi Drive Select display all the driving programs should be displayed over three buttons. It will be built with dynamic performance.

New Audi A4 Front Image

New Audi A4 Review and Performance

Two years ago, the CTO Ulrich Hackenberg approached the Audi, there are some changes, with details, perfect fit and elegant accents. It is possible that this New Audi A4 will be very quiet and comfortable because of the improved design and economic performance.

New Audi A4 has a large cockpit with very comfortable seats. We also wait for the MMI concept to see that sounds too good to be true. However, there are still some weaknesses that the company needs, including the slight vibrations on the lights and the shock absorber stage with the center position, which is somewhat the same.

The great things you can find in New Audi A4 are about the good seats, low noise level and 2.3-liter diesel engine that is capable of delivering 218 hp with smooth performance and fuel-efficient driving experience because of the support six-cylinder to deal with the strong rivals with four-cylinder.

With a further compression, it is large enough to complete the efficiency improvement. When the load is increased, the variable valve motor will support with sufficient power and high torque, which is around 190 bhp gasoline and 320 Nm of torque. Other engine Ultra TFSI 2.0 liters with acceleration in just 7.3 seconds from 0 to 100 km, while the fuel consumption per 100 km could be 4.8 liters.

It has front-wheel configuration with 18 inches wide for the wheels. It has a higher load on the front axle than before. Although there is no wheel-wheel drive configuration also has the large limit handle, since it is a longitudinal axis and a short rolling motion. The car has a better directional stability with the new multi-core axles for the operation of the road, better handling and more driving comfort with New Audi A4.

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